Client Sectors

As a boutique agency based in London, we are at the heart of where everything is happening in the PR sector. We pride ourselves on treating small businesses and start-ups with the same priority as large established businesses. Dot PR will hold your hand through every process of the PR journey.


We deal with numerous sectors and here are some of the areas which Dot PR has achieved great success. Our vast past experience means we are confident that we will do a great job for you and your company.


Client: The Anthony Brandt Foundation

We did several local, national and US campaigns. By focusing on the compelling love affair between Anthony Brandt and his wife and muse Mitzi, and the wonderful art collection left after their deaths, Dot PR secured excellent coverage in Bloomberg and Entrepreneur & Investor.

Locally targeted campaigns saw coverage in Wales Today and the Brighton Argos amongst many other local papers. The US campaign saw coverage in the US art magazine Yareah plus views from US-wide TV and radio stations and a top New York art critic.


Client: Balaton Spa

We had excellent results with Balaton Spa and their organic products. By highlighting the interest from TV personalities we went viral, and the company enjoyed coverage in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and numerous other top Women’s magazines.


Client: Black Essentials

Dot PR worked with Richard Brandon’s ex manageress from Necker Island on the launch of her fashion label Black Essentials. We did several campaigns cumulating in Roz Colthart winning the Scottish leg in the prestigious Grazia O2 X Awards and enjoying a half page spread in Grazia Magazine, plus coverage in The Guardian, a call from a Top TV company,  a spell on a radio station, and lots more successful responses.


Client: Experience Ardeche

We launched Experience Ardeche, a luxury adventure holiday company. They got a double page spread in the luxury magazine Countryside la Vie. They successfully filled all their places in their first season and continue to thrive in the Ardeche.


Client: Scooms

We recently had the pleasure of working with Jonathan and his wife Emily from Scooms duvet company. Dot PR focused on the sustainability and luxury of their duvets. Britain Today covered their story and this was followed by excellent  coverage in The Independent Best Buy /Indy Best – “The best all season duvet we’ve ever tried, with bells on.” The Independent’s Best Winter Duvet 2018/19. Dot PR was very pleased to have had a vital part in their recent exceptional success story.


Client: Pauline Rowson

Dot PR had great success with crime novelist Pauline Rowson and historical novelist Gordon L Thomas. Pauline got great coverage including the specialist online magazine Shots. We then worked closely with her as she went on to be a top 5 finalist in the prestigious World Book Day competition; this resulted in coverage in The Guardian. She was also featured on the popular Dublin Sunshine Radio show.

Client: Gordon L. Thomas

Gordon L Thomas got excellent coverage in Science Today when we profiled his past, including work with forensic science. He also appeared in Bloomberg amongst other online publications.

Health & Fitness

Client: Arete4Life

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the exceptional martial arts expert Simon Lee of Arete4Life. He had a fascinating story whereby he combated M.E. with a Viking diet and exercise. He was a forerunner in the debate about the danger of cutting out all fat from your diet. Arete4Life also focused on the importance of men addressing their mental as well as physical health.

Simon was viewed by journalists fascinated by his story, and was covered in the health magazine Green Today. Simon now runs courses at Simon Lee where he focuses on freeing the mind and the importance of hardcore mindfulness.

Gordon L Thomas got excellent coverage in Science Today when we profiled his past, including work with forensic science. He also appeared in Bloomberg amongst other online publications.

So no matter what your company, Dot PR will find your newsworthy story. This is essential for getting those all-important journalist views and coverage to improve your company profile. Reputable profiles are excellent at driving more website traffic and ultimately that’s always a positive for increased sales.